Having met each other at papermaking conferences and abandoned papermills in Catalunya, Spain, Subset grew out of a desire to emulate the support structure of artist salons of old and to collaborate on environmentally conscious and socially engaged projects.

We are comprised of four women artists working independently in California and Louisiana, who come together to exchange work and ideas. Our practice builds from the input of others, adding to and altering each others’ work to create a single body of true collaboration. As a process, we start by bringing unfinished work to the table and each choose pieces to work with. After many rounds of this alteration, swapping works-in-progress, adding to and sometimes breaking down the pieces, we are left with individual pieces that we each contributed to, creating a cohesive body of work. With backgrounds in papermaking, bookbinding, teaching, letterpress printing, poetry, and punk bands, we invite experimentation and involvement of the entire group--and the audience--allowing for the experiences of all to inform our work.

With one member recently relocating back to Louisiana, we explore the possibilities of working collaboratively with minimal interaction, creating pieces that will be united only before installation.